The sights and sounds of two-weeks in Spain

A Spanish Roadtrip

Culture By Photo by The Perennial Plate

It’s got to be slog (a once-in-a-lifetime slog) to travel through an entire country in just two weeks. But to pare your footage from those two weeks into a three-minute video? Monumentally more difficult. Fortunately, this clever three-minute video employs split screen formats, so your eyes can multitask and take in more than three minutes worth of visuals. Good thing, too, because there’s a lot to take in. We roam around the entirety of Spain — Basque Country, Galacia, Andalucia and Barcelona — in a car, on a motorcycle and on foot. We swoop through through villages, countryside, beaches and cities but somehow, even in a place as beautiful as Spain, the where takes a backseat to the what.

The “what” is incredible food, gorgeous countryside, and vibrant, lively people; but oh god, the food. From the looks of this quick film, the travelers likely put on dozens of pounds of pure, hedonistic revelry in the short weeks they were in country. We see in vivid color food being prepared, pre-food grazing in fields, meats curing and being butchered, dough baking, seafood being seasoned, wine being poured, meals being presented. But most importantly, we see foods of all kinds being enjoyed and celebrated — in restaurants, pubs, cafes, on farms. We see the joy that comes from breaking bread with strangers. And all we want to do is eat. And go to Spain. But mostly eat.