Betabrand-Bike-to-Work-Jacket-gear-patrol Betabrand Bike to Work Jacket
Style and functionality are rare bedfellows, but combine them just right and you get a lightweight, water-resistant, pea-coat-inspired biking jacket. Truly acceptable to wear to the office, this softshell looks great and sports reflective patches and a detachable hood for the ride home. $250
Crabtree-Evelyn-West-Indian-Lime-Shave-Soap-gear-patrol Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime Shave Soap
It’s paired with a simple teak soap dish and infused with Vitamin E and unique fragrance (think Bahama Mamas on the porch of your beach bungalow); if there’s something that could make scraping your skin with terrifying razor blades a little more pleasant, this is it. $25
Corter-Leather-Cloth-Handmade-Copper-Cuff-gear-patrol Corter Leather & Cloth Handmade Copper Cuff
When a product’s description explains that it’s hand fashioned by a “gent”, it’s clear something good is going on. This adjustable copper cuff isn’t finished with clear coat, so a unique patina sets in the more your wear it. $45
VK-Nagrani-Socks-gear-patrol VK Nagrani Socks
The best way to jazz up the plain suit you wear to the office every day is to throw on some stylish socks, but it’s tough finding the right pair — and the term “hosiery” is off-putting. These ones feature terrific patterns and colors and are suit-appropriate lengths, so your pale shins stay hidden.
Ultimate-Ears-Boom-Bluetooth-Speaker-gear-patrol Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth Speaker
A new contender in the portable Bluetooth speaker arena, the UE Boom delivers 360 degrees of sound and is stain and water resistant. With 15 hours of battery life, NFC connection and the ability to pair two or more units through a “boom app” (don’t mention that one at airport security), it’s got all the bells and whistles we want in a bring-along party. $200
Crumpler-Karachi-Outpost-Daypack-gear-patrol Crumpler Karachi Outpost Daypack
Featuring a removable camera cradle, an expandable interior, a padded sleeve for an 11-inch MacBook Air and a tripod holder, this is more than just a daypack. Plenty of slots for extra gear and a floating floor for the big stuff further invoke kitchen sink idioms. $265