Brooks-Brothers-Red-Fleece-Gear-Patrol Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection
Brooks Brothers’ newest line, hoping to continue the success of the Black and Golden Fleece collections, adds a youthful spin to the brand’s classic prep look. Trimmer lines and brighter patterns’ll make you stand out at dad’s next country club dinner.
Fairphone-Gear-Patrol Fairphone
Attention morally troubled: the Fairphone’s manufacturing process and supply chain are entirely transparent; the social and economic impact of each phone’s production are closely monitored and publicly shared. A 4.3-inch screen, Android software, a quad processor, dual SIM ports and front (1.2MP) and rear (8MP) cameras give you some non-philanthropic incentives. $420 ()
Flickr-Gear-Patrol Flickr Redesign and Upgrade
Welcome to the cloud: it’s rainin’ innovation. Flickr users now get one entire terabyte of storage and a new, grid-like interface that brings photos front and center. Paid upgrades buy ad-free experiences with up to 2 TB per year for the serious pro photog. ()
Huckberry-EDC-Kit-Gear-Patrol Huckberry EDC Kit
Huckberry boiled down the philosophy of Everyday Carry into a simple, four-unit solution for the ultimate kit for any man’s (basic) needs. A “survival pod” (small knife, duct tape, paracord, flint, tinder), two simple screwdrivers and a tiny lighter for lighting big fires (or cigars) all on a Freekey keyring should have you about covered. $40
Muji-Bluetooth-Speaker-Charger Muji Smartphone Charging Tray and Bluetooth Speaker
Muji’s valet tray/speaker should fit right in with your nouveau-Patrick-Bateman decor. Two USB cables charge your devices, which sit atop a simple, round-square Bluetooth speaker (do you like Huey Lewis and the News?). Unfortunately, they’re available only in Japan for the time being. $60 ()
Packrafts-by-Alpacka-Raft-GEar-Patrol Packrafts
Rugged and ready for full-sized adventures during the day, packable to small tent size for stowing at night, Alpacka Raft’s Packrafts are made especially for water-goers on the go. With space for gear packs and a slew of different sizes and configurations available, it should fit any H20-based adventure. ()