Adidas-Consortium-Boston-Super-OG-Gear-Patrol adidas Consortium Boston Super OG
Originally introduced in 1984, the Boston Super OG style was meant to pay homage to the eponymous marathon. It’s been re-released this year, and certainly imbued with more meaning. The gray, navy and red colorway provides keen visual contrast and, in a muted way, invokes the flag — a fitting tribute. ()
Badlands-Criterion-Blu-Ray-Gear-Patrol Badlands Criterion Collection Blu-ray
Terrence Malick’s directorial debut — based on the true story of a murderous couple streaking through a series of homicides — is now available on Blu-ray through the famed Criterion Collection. It’s as much of a killer as it ever was, bolstered by 4K restoration, a making-of doc, and handsome retro cover-art. $27
AMI-Straight-Leg-Brushed-Cotton-Shorts-Gear-Patrol AMI Straight-Leg Brushed-Cotton Shorts
Lightweight and simple, these straight-leg shorts are purpose built for a stylish summer. The rich, neutral color will go with anything, whether you’re out on the boardwalk or underneath it. $165
Garmin-Rino-655t-Gear-Patrol Garmin Rino 655t GPS/2-Way Radio
Use the touch screen on this handheld navigator to find your way around with TOPO and City Navigator maps and keep in touch with the 2-way radio feature. Share your location with other users, capture interesting moments with its 5MP digital camera, send inter-network text messages and avoid inclement weather with NOAA integration — or utilize the weatherproofing and keep on trekking. $535 ()
Roka-Viper-Speed-Suit-Gear-Patrol Roka Viper Speed Suit
Available in mere days, the Viper Speed suit is made for triathletes and swim trainers who are ready to rocket through the wet. NASA tech (and basic physics) helped inform this upstart company’s suit designs, and they’ve been proven in real-world races.
Tumi-x-Terrapin-Stationers-Gear-Patrol Tumi x Terrapin Stationers Travel Notecards
In collaborating with the family-run, century-old Terrapin Stationers, Tumi has created a simple set of notecards and envelopes that’ll help travelers keep in touch with their home bases. Each notecard (they come in the sets of six) features a pithy, sensible quip. Just don’t forget to pack stamps. $20
Aston-Martin-V12-Vantage-S-Gear-Patrol Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
It apparently wasn’t enough to cram a V12 into the Vantage. Aston Martin has one-upped themselves by creating the ultimate interpretation of their already stunning muscle car. It’s lighter, faster and more ferocious than ever with an AM28 6.0L V12 engine rocketing it to 205 mph. Racing technology abounds in the transmission, adaptive suspension and the monster One-77s exhaust system.
Oak-Street-Trenchboats-Gear-Patrol Oak Street Trench Boot Line
Last fall we reviewed Oak Street Bootmakers’ handsome WWI-inspired Trench Boot; their newly released Trench Chukka and Trench Oxford expand the Horween chromexcel-clad line and make us drool on ourselves. $412-$416