ducati-750-super-sport-gear-patrol-tig Ducati 750 Super Sport
This 1976 Ducati 750 Super Sport was found in a Belgian shed after sitting for 15 years. Harné Heuvelman of the Dutch group Back To Classics restored it to its showroom condition using original components like beautiful Borrani wire rims, Brembo brakes and Marzocchi forks. It’s an absolute stunner, and probably not kept in a run-down shed now. bikexif.com ()
hobo-knife-gear-patrol-tig Sitka + Case XX Hobo Knife
If you’re jonesin’ to hop the next freight train outta Dodge, don’t forget to pack this handy tool in your bindle. A folding silverware kit for one, the requisite jackknife is supplemented by a spoon, fork and bottle opener. $120
mantorii-custom-footwear-gear-patrol-tig Mantorii Custom Footwear
After a quick DIY measuring process (with help from printable instructions and an online video), Mantorii analyzes your data and builds a shoe from the pattern and style you select. Your bespoke kicks arrive in the mail — be they boots, chukkas or brogues — within four weeks. $239+()
wittmore-pop-up-gear-patrol-tig Wittmore Pop Up Shop
For 45 days Wittmore — a go-to online retailer for the latest and greatest in fashion — is opening a brick and mortar location in a 1920s storefront in West Hollywood. Myriad brands and some limited edition grabs are on display through July 15, so book your airfare now. wittmore.com
4-Moms-Origami-Stroller-gear-patrol-tig 4Moms Origami Stroller
Daytime running and pathway lights and an LCD dash that tracks distance traveled, temperature and more… in a stroller? The Origami’s in-hub generators power all the gadgetry and even charge your cell phone — but the best trick is the power-folding mechanism, which reduces the whole rig to rolling-suitcase size at the push of a button. That’s worth an emasculating brand name, dad. $850
the-last-of-the-doughboys-gear-patrol-tig The Last of the Doughboys: The Forgotten Generation and Their Forgotten World War
Each aged more than a century (101-113 years old), the WWI veterans interviewed by author Richard Rubin were the last of their legendary generation; all are gone now. Found by scouring media and records of every kind imaginable, these stories are a priceless homage, extraordinary to have in print. $18