Jaw-Dropping Film of Freerider Andi Wittmann



Intended to be the first in a series, this gorgeous profile of German freerider Andi Wittmann will be all we get — tragically, the full set of videos didn’t pan out. Watching this jaw-dropping pilot, we can’t imagine why. Director Felix Urbauer tracks Wittmann as he carves through the Austrian mountainside, highlighting the masterful combination of precision and abandon that constitutes his unique riding style. Rather than capturing the gritty, fast-paced experience of mountain biking, Urbauer approaches his subject with wide angles and slow motion. Midway through the film, when Wittmann takes flight to the crescendo of the indie soundtrack, Urbauer finds poetry. Stunning landscapes, killer music, and Wittmann’s death-defying stunts make this profile a must-watch.