Craighton-Berman-Manual-Coffeemaker-tig-gear-patrol Craighton Berman Manual Coffeemaker No. 1
This pour-over single-cup brewer takes clear direction from the Chemex design. We can’t knock that. The whole process can be viewed through crystal clear glass, and coffee brews directly into the cup from which it will be savored; the base catches drips and provides insulation. Look for it on Kickstarter soon.
The-Fall-of-Arthur-BY-J.R.R.-Tolkien-tig-gear-patrol The Fall of Arthur BY J.R.R. Tolkien
Read just a small part of Tolkien’s narrative poem and you’ll quickly find that Monty Python’s take wasn’t entirely accurate. Tolkien never finished this work, written in Old English alliterative meter, but included are pages of manuscript and notes that suggest what might have been. (Hint: no coconut “horse hooves”.) $16
Garret-Leight-x-Mark-McNairy-Eyewear-tig-gear-patrol Garret Leight x Mark McNairy Eyewear
The metal and acetate frames of Mark McNairy and Garrett Leight’s Spring/Summer collection have been constructed with a combination of Japanese and American craftsmanship, injecting a shot of vintage class onto your face area.
Nike-Eric-Koston-2-Skateboarding-Shoe-tig-gear-patrol Nike Eric Koston 2 Skateboarding Shoe
The newest iteration from Eric Koston and Nike will make you skate faster, jump higher and grind farther… Ok, maybe not. But with lightweight Lunarlon cushioning and a TPU-reinforced suede upper, you’ll look good and feel good while you figure out that whole “balance” thing. $90
Mantry-x-Dockers-for-Fathers-Day-tig-gear-patrol Mantry x Dockers for Father’s Day
Men love breakfast; dads love to make it. Mastering the spittin’ griddle is a rite of passage, really. The Father’s Day edition Mantry crate features everything you’ll need to whip up a hearty breakfast with dad, and a 40% off voucher at Dockers will put a smile on the old man’s face for sure. $75
Leica-Mini-M-Camera-tig-gear-patrol Leica Mini M Camera
Though it’s cloaked in secrecy until its June 11 debut, we’ve heard some whispered rumors. What’s that? You want to hear them? Well, we’re expecting an aluminum rig with a 16.1 megapixel sensor snapping shots through a fixed 28-70mm f/3.5-6.4 lens. An electronic viewfinder might also be part of the package, and there’s conjecture that the whole shebang ships with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Stay tuned for concrete deets… $3,150 ()
Yves-Behar-Fuseproject--August-Smart-Lock-tig-gear-patrol Yves Béhar + Fuseprojects August Smart Lock
In what would surely be one of Ray Bradbury’s darkest nightmares, this door lock app enables hands-free unlocking and locking of your home via a smartphone and offers secure access only to people with the shared lock code. Simply walking up to the door, phone in pocket, triggers an “Open Sesame” response for you and invited guests. The digital code is encrypted, so if ever you feel your cordon has been compromised, shutting out unwanted guests is easy as logging on and deleting the “key”. ()