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You have damn good taste — and you got it all from him.
Frank-Clegg-Travel-Duffle-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Frank Clegg Travel Duffle
The Travel Duffel is proof positive that uncomplicated doesn’t need to mean boring; in fact, it can mean drop dead good looks. Extended zipper tabs allow for a wide compartment opening but also a killer profile. Supple leather straps wrap around the entire bag, and the two-tone leather work inside will make your pops second guess packing any sharp or liquid items. $885
J-Crew-Ludlow-Suit-in-Italian-Chino-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide J. Crew Ludlow Suit in Italian Chino
Better suited for summer heat than wool, Crew’s Italian chino fabric is sourced from Milan’s esteemed tailor Larusmiani and crafted into a trim-cut suit worthy of all occasions. $298
Tumi-De-Gaulle-International-Carry-On-fathers-day-gift-guide-gear-patrol Tumi De Gaulle International Carry-On
For jet setting dads in need of an upgrade. Tumi’s lux carry-on combines smooth calfskin and durable polyester into a roll aboard that will trump everything else in the overhead bin. $819-$1019
HODINKEE-Distressed-Leather-Watch-Strap-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide HODINKEE Distressed Leather Watch Strap
Getting him the right strap will get him excited about a watch he’s had for as long as he can remember. HODINKEE’s distressed straps have all the weathered personality he does, and are hand-made in Italy. $149
Red-Wing-Postman-Chukka-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Red Wing Postman Chukka
Red Wing’s take on the Chukka is a lesson in simplistic style. You can’t go wrong with this classic look. $240
wolverine-1000-mile-weekender-gear-patrol J. L. Powell Wolverine Weekender
It looks like something Hemingway would’ve taken along on his African hunting soirees. With American waxed canvas and Horween leather, it can stand up to any of your own wild adventures, safari or otherwise. $400
Ray-Ban-Folding-Aviators-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Ray-Ban Folding Aviators
Since Aviator released the beloved style to the public in 1937, the lenses have improved, the colors have gotten crazier, but the frame has stayed the same quintessential shape. This version brings the ability to fold ’em up to the size of only one lens, making them perfectly convenient to toss in a pocket at the start of a cloudy day, just in case. $195-$245
Davek-Messenger-Bags-Gear-Patrol Davek Messenger Bags
Davek’s umbrellas are bastions of style and function, and their new line of messenger bags continues the theme. With ballistic nylon and supple leather options, these are temptations for shoulder bag slingers the world over. $245-$395
Dickies-1922-Chambray-Shirt-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Dickies 1922 Chambray Shirt
If he’s inspired by his grandfather’s style, Dickies’ 1922 collection is a gold mine. Their Chambray Shirt is a handsome replica of a 1933 shirt in the company’s archives; pleated chest pockets, selvedge reinforcements and authentic shell buttons make it a gem. $175
Bellroy-Passport-Sleeve-Gear-Patrol Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet
The irony here is that you’re paying for so little. But that’s the whole point of Bellroy’s passport sleeve: lots of smart utility, including a tab to pull out your passport easily, a micro pen for filling out forms, two credit card sleeves and a pocket for your boarding passport. If anyone happens to notice the little guy, he’s handsome in black or tan. $100
Castle-Brook-Boot-Laces-Gear-Patrol Castle Brook Boot Laces
Offering hand-made laces spun from ultra-high-strength nylon, Castle Brook guarantees their product will last a lifetime (and offers a warranty to back up that claim). They’re available in a range of bright colors, and the simple sizing system ensures yours will fit. Plus the high-tech, super-durable aglets… oh man, don’t get us started on the high-tech super-durable aglets. $6
Omega-Speedmaster-Co-Axial-Chronograph-Ceramic-Gear-Patrol Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Co-Axial Chronograph Ceramic
This all-black ceramic 44.25mm fox with all the trappings has been haunting us since we first laid eyes on it. On its black Cordura strap, this is easily the Speedmaster that Bruce Wayne would wear both as Batman and his rich-boy self. We’re now officially angry we’re not at BASELWORLD 2013 to see it in person. omegawatches.com