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Oil under the fingernails, hair tousled from the wind of his convertible, left arm sunburned…
Land-Rover-Defender-LXV-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Land Rover Defender LXV
Land Rover’s celebratory 65th-anniversary all-terrain yak won’t be sold in the states, but if Pops is an expat, this should be your 256 lb-feet of torque go-to. $44,500 (+duties)
Innova-3100-CAn-OBDII-Code-Reader-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Innova 3100 CAn/OBDII Code Reader
If dad just happens to be a DIY kinda guy when it comes to cars, fetch him the Innova 3100 CAN/OBDII Code Reader, which has the ability to read diagnostic trouble codes and display them via its comprehensive LED display and screen. Check engine light? Emissions? No problem. It also has internet and computer connectivity so you can print and save reports and update the 3100’s software. Of course, you could just pay for dad’s car repairs. $99
Top-Gear-Season-19-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Top Gear Season 19 on DVD
Dry British humor, exotic cars and automotive challenges we all long to attempt? Dad can pass the hours watching Clarkson, Hammond and May tear up the tarmac, as well as each other in the latest season. Crocodiles in Africa, races with fighter planes, a run to the Mexican border and hot laps by the Stig will keep him riveted. $20
1932-Alfa-Romeo-8C-2300-Spider-Touring-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider Touring 1/18
You probably can’t pony up enough cash to get dad the real 8-cylinder Italian racing legend, but this 1/18 scale die-cast version should have him at least living vintage racing dreams in his mind. $36
Griots-Garage-Machine-Polish-and-Wax-Kit-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Griot’s Garage Machine Polish and Wax Kit
Dad babies his 1970 Mustang Mach 1 almost as much he does your little sister. At least give him the tools to make it keep looking good (so you can inherit it someday). Griot’s Garage provides a random orbital motion buffer, as well as cleaning clay, Speed Shine Spray, polish, wax and a detailers handbook so he doesn’t try to wax the tires. $209