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He’s got it in spades. Oh, you like cigars? This one time he was in Cuba, teaching Fidel how to hand-roll his own…
map-of-the-world-gear-patrol A Map of the World: The World According to Illustrators and Storytellers
Yes, we love maps. Fostering our addiction, Antonis Antoniou (what a name) explores the fascinating, wide-ranging and beautiful world of cartography. $39
letters-from-everest-george-lowe-gear-patrol Letters from Everest: A First-hand Account from the Epic First Ascent
Sixty years after the first ascent of Mount Everest, this unique book of letters celebrates, in a very personal way, this most majestic of mountains. With exclusive access to the private archives of pioneering New Zealand climber George Lowe, the book is a welcome tribute to an unsung hero. amazon.com
Spiegelau-IPA-Glass-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Spiegelau IPA Glass
Quick, who do you want to make you the perfect IPA glass? An excellent German glassware company (Spiegelau), a West Coast brewery that was one of the earliest and most influential in craft beer (Sierra Nevada) and an East Coast maker whose 60 Minute IPA is considered one of the most solid (Dogfish Head)? You’ve done good, suds swigger. $25 (2 glasses)
Field-Notes-America-the-beautiful-Gear-Patrol Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition
Yes, we really like Field Notes. Their America the Beautiful notebooks, a cross-country road trip of Americana printed on the colored covers of their classic pocket notebooks, reaffirm our notions. $10 (3-pack)
Powers-Johns-Lane-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Powers John’s Lane
John’s Lane (aged 12 years) builds upon the solid roots of Powers whiskey with surprising depth of flavor and sophistication. It’s incredibly smooth, with toffee and vanilla, toasted oak, pepper and crisp green fruit tartness. He’ll have to share a glass, right? $70
esquire-four-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide The Esquire 4
Esquire’s got big fat ole short fiction chops. Now, they’re bringing back our favorite form in e-version, with little-known authors M.C. Armstrong, Jennifer duBois, Matt Sumell and Jodi Angel. It’s time you knew them, and for three bucks you really have no excuse not to. $3
Ole-Smoky-Moonshine-Products-gear-patrol-fathers-day-gift-guide Old Smoky Moonshine Products
All of it tasty, all of it infused with hooch: White Lightning Pickles, Memphis Rub, Moonshine Apple Butter, Mountain Man Maker Hot Sauce, and more. $7+

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