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Breakdown: Mac Pro

June 11, 2013 Tech : Electronics By

In July 2003 picture messaging was a luxury, SARS was a global concern, and Apple had just introduced its futuristic and incredibly powerful Power Mac G5. The drilled-out brushed aluminum tower looked like a prop from The Matrix Revolutions (also debuted in 2003, not worth remembering). Fast-forward to nearly 10 years later, and Apple is finally introducing a form-factor update to its longstanding pro desktop tower. Boy, did they go big. Figuratively, that is. The new Mac Pro is about an 1/8th the size of its older brother, so the sleek aluminum cylinder will actually be able to sit on your desk. Of course what really matters in a pro desktop is what’s on the inside; Apple’s engineers have gone to great lengths to make sure that they have outperformed expectations through a host of technical innovations aimed at the 1% of power-users. We break down the David-sized Goliath above.