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Happy Socks


In fashion, it really is the little things that make a big difference. The little things Happy Socks does just happen to be bigger. The Swedish-designed combed cotton socks are bold in all the right ways, playful yet fashionable, sui generis without being obnoxious. Their colorful creations are a great fit in today’s bold style moment, the perfect eye-catching touch to draw the kind of stares you’re after.

It all starts with solid construction. Take a peek at your unmentionables drawer and see how important a reinforced toe and heel are; and because no one likes footwear that starts comfy and turns Lilliputian, Happy Socks uses a “silicon wash” that minimizes shrinkage (we can all get behind this) when you wash them. Unique collaborations that only a funky sock company could dream up (Keds and Curtis Kulig, for example) inspire some of the products we’re most excited about. Then of course, there’s the colorways, which are all over the place. The geniality of Happy Socks’ designs is clear: blocked color patterns blare, argyles have a bright twist, and there are even zebra stripes for those who really like to be noticed. Yet not even their craziest designs will make you look like a Mummer’s parade; sensibility is a hard thing to maintain in the dashing footwear world, but Happy Socks nails it, joyfully.

Did we mention that they’re on sale until June 23rd? If you snag them online (though they do have stores in Stockholm, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York), you can get up to fifty percent off: buying two gets you a third free, five begets three more, and eight pairs will put eight extras in your drawer.

Our Favorites: Grey Stripe Sock ($12) | Big Dot Low Socks ($10) | Gray, Orange and Blue Argyle ($12) | Stripe Half Sock ($12)