Xbox-One-Gear-Patrol Microsoft Xbox One
Microsoft just announced pricing for its new flagship gaming system, the Xbox One, due for a November launch. To the chagrin of everyone, espeically teenage boys subsisting entirely on allowance and lawn-mowing money, at $499 it’s priced a bit higher than anticipated. $499
Sony-PlayStation-4-Gear-Patrol PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4 will be released in time for the Holiday season and it’ll cost just a buck shy of 400 clams. They’ve finally revealed the looks of the thing too, and on design alone the black monolith may be worth every shellfish penny. $399
Apple-OSX-Mavericks-Gear-Patrol OSX Mavericks
Sporting a new name (sorry, Sea Lion), OS 10.9 is packed with great new apps and improvements. Foremost are improvements to battery life and responsiveness, including a great new feature called App Nap that partitions power only to those apps to which you’re paying attention. Mavericks also brings in great iOS apps like Maps and iBooks, which now both sync across all your devices. Tags and tabs in Finder, a broadly integrated Safari and a brand new Calendar app fill out the improvements to the existing Mac software.
iOS7-Gear-Patrol iOS 7
The world’s most popular mobile OS has gotten a stellar redesign, along with a host of major and minor improvements. The gorgeous new interface features multiple layers and semi-translucent icons, lending it vitality and functionality its two-dimensional predecessor lacks. Along with beautiful design improvements (including a parallax-controlled background that shifts as you move the phone), iOS 7 comes with a powerful new camera, a vastly improved browser, enhanced multitasking capabilities and even a new Siri. These major upgrades are well supplemented with slight but necessary fixes like notification syncing, activation lock, and a redesigned app store.
iWork-for-iCloud-Gear-Patrol iWork
The long-suffering second fiddle to Microsoft Office may have just eclipsed its Windows counterpart. The new iWork comes with iCloud integration; from both Windows and Mac computers, users can now edit and sync their documents across devices using only a web browser. If Pages, Numbers, and Keynote weren’t already on your radar, now is the time to take note.
Apple-MacPro-Gear-Patrol New Mac Pro
A major update to Apple’s long forgotten pro desktop. Apple has completely re-engineered every component to redefine power computing. Check out our breakdown for more info.
Apple-Macbook-Air-2013-Gear-Patrol Macbook Air with Haswell
The new ultra-portable gets a slight bump in speed — but the real news is its drastically increased battery life. The 13-inch edition goes from 7 hours to an incredible 12 thanks to some massive batteries and an electron-sipping Haswell processor. $999+
Airport-Extreme-Gear-Patrol Apple Airport Extreme 2
Looking like a cookie dough tube of Airport Expresses, the new Airport Extreme uses 802.11ac technology to nearly triple the data rate of previous 802.11n. Also new is Beamforming, which allows the base station to “target” devices with 802.11ac wi-fi and direct a stronger signal in their direction. $199
iTunes-Radio-Gear-Patrol iTunes Radio
Apple finally enters the booming music-streaming arena. Replete with customized stations, Siri integration and a powerful recommendation engine, iTunes Radio is poised to gun for Spotify’s market share. The service, which lands this fall, will be free with ads; iTunes Match subscribers will get the service ad-free. $25/year