Take cover, so no one catches you watching it

Killzone: Intercept

Videogame fans get a bad rap. For all their insistence about the artistry and sophistication of the medium, gamers exist in the minds of other creative artists as….well, something like this guy. “Killzone: Intercept”, a lavishly produced live-action short based on the popular game franchise, does substantial damage to that conception.

The film’s narrative resembles a “mission” that one might play in the videogame, following a group of soldiers on a desolate world as they combat their masked enemies. Shot entirely on the RED, the film features gritty cinematography, otherworldly locations and detailed costumes that are about as gorgeous as anything you’ll see in theaters this summer. Sure, the dialogue and plotline scream teenage fanboy, but the filmmakers recognize that this sort of fantasy is at the core of their art. After all, who would want to play Persona, the videogame?