Pling-Gear-Patrol Pling
Pling is a new app for iOS and OSX that allows groups of people to communicate via quick voice-based messages. Record a simple message and Pling it to others who can listen to your comment and add to the conversation. Anyone else feeling compelled to send some ironic — and hilariousYou’ve Got Mail communiqué? No?… just us then.
Ovvo-Eyewear-Gear-Patrol OVVO Optics

Born in 2011 from materials developed during the Cold War, these German- and Polish-made frames are laser-cut titanium-steel composite with screw-less hinges. The optical and sunglass frames come in a plethora of creative, colorful (and very European) designs, weigh only 0.6 ounces and are engineered to last two long lifetimes.
Pioneer-XDJ-R1-All-in-One-Gear-Patrol Pioneer XDJ-R1 All-in-One Wireless Performance DJ
The newly announced DJ system is the first in the industry to apply iOS control capability; this allows DJs to control their beats via an iPad or iPhone app, even in places where a wi-fi network isn’t available. Great for the modern DJ relying more and more on mobile technology to put a new spin on his craft. $899
Umbra-Rinse-Bowl-And-Strainer-Gear-Patrol Umbra Rinse Bowl And Strainer
This is what many of us deal seekers would call a “two-fer” — a combo strainer and bowl designed especially for rinsing fruit. The Collander piece swings out of the way when you’re rinsing and up like a knight’s visor when it’s time to drain. Pretty much a Medieval Times cook’s dream gadget. $10 ()
Pold-Woodbourne-Gear-Patrol Polk Audio Woodbourne Speaker
The Woodbourne, named after a neighborhood in Baltimore (does that mean it comes with bullet holes?), is two feet of handsome speaker, featuring a wood top and a curvy, wraparound fabric cover with minimalist buttons. Be it Bluetooth, AirPlay, aptX compression, auxiliary inputs or optical input, the two long-throw drivers, two tweeters and 4-channel amp kick out the sound in style.
Icon-1000-Chapter-Motorcycle-Jacket-Gear-Patrol Icon 1000 Chapter Motorcycle Jacket
Available in brown or grey/black Brazilian leather, the Chapter looks as good as it performs. CE approved shoulder, elbow and back protectors keep your vulnerable bits well sheathed, and a removable vest liner is ready to keep you warm on those long rides. $600
Pentax-Q7-Gear-Patrol Pentax Q7
The Q7 aims its adorable little guns squarely at the Instagram set with a powerful 1/1.7-inch sensor and interchangeable lenses. Use their online configurator to choose one of 120 color combinations (we’re partial to orange and black). $500