A visit to fly fishing paradise

Off the Grid

This video, a special cut of “Off the Grid”, a full-length fishing documentary about finding and fishing in places that are untouched or simply outside the norm, pretty much has it all. There’s a quick summary of the epic trip that makes up the entire film, full of monster fish doing their best jaws impressions on happily bobbing flies; then we get to meet two young trout bums for a day of fishing in northeast Ohio.

These two guys are definitely “living the dream”, but the simple fact is that their shared passion is universal in the fly fishing world. It’s why fishermen are a tight-knit group. Well, that and telling lies to each other. Their youthful enthusiasm, paired with a beautiful wintry day, the artistic flowing movements of spey casting, and some chunky steelhead (they seem all to happy to mug for the camera) should get your heart yearning for a day on the water, even if you don’t know how to fish (yet). That’s the whole mission of our upcoming fly fishing content, so strap in and get ready for some more.