Hasselblad-Lunar-Gear-Patrol Hasselblad Lunar
The Lunar is a mirrorless 24-MP rig that’ll accept three interchangeable Sony lenses. ISO can be adjusted from 100 to 16,000, there’s a 3-inch LCD screen and 25 focus points. Sport your own flair with your choice of grip: wood, carbon fiber, leather…and maybe frame a snapshot of price tag when you’ve accepted delivery. $6,995
Tilt-Single-Stainless-Steel-Chilling-Sphere-Gear-Patro, Tilt Single Stainless Steel Chilling Sphere
This simple sphere’s hollow center contains gel that retains temperatures for extended periods of time. Put it in the freezer for a bit, pick it up with the included hooked stick, and plop it into your drink to cool your swill more efficiently than ice, thanks to its shape and other physics and stuff. $18
Allen-Edmonds-Ball-and-Buck-Double-Monk-Gear-Patrol Allen Edmonds x Ball and Buck Double Monk Strap
Exclusive to Ball and Buck is this double monk strap available in three calfskin finishes. The single oak leather sole benefits from Goodyear welted construction, and the branded interior is a brilliant orange. A classic look for suits, jeans and everything in between. $428
Sigani-63-Gear-Patrol Bolivian Singani From Steven Soderbergh
If you’re into drinking chuflay or yungueño cocktails, you know the main ingredient is a grape Brandy which happens to be Bolivia’s national liquor. While filming “Che” director Steven Soderbergh came across Singani and liked the stuff so much he bought a massive quantity to import to the U.S. and distribute (once he gets the necessary permits). Stay tuned for availability. extension765.com
Four-Corner-Store-35mm-Film-Collection-Gear-Patrol Four Corner Store 35mm Film Collection
Google “real camera” on your smartphone and you’ll be amazed to find that in the not so distant past, people took photos with machines and developed “film” onto paper products using chemicals. Turns out you still can do all that work for a picture, but the film has become difficult to find — now you can pick up varying amounts at the Four Corner Store and unironically boast a new “hashtag nofilter” mantra. $7+
Friday-and-River-Leather-Gear-Patrol Friday & River Leather Accessories
Headquartered in San Diego, Friday and River is run by a husband and wife team who handcraft — design, cut and stitch — all their leather goods. Their newest product are pint glass cozies that supplement the wallets, keychains, phone cases and more previousy available. fridayandriver.com