There’s a man who runs in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park every day, in his 50s probably and as lean as a shred of bison jerky. He wears split shorts, a tank and those paper-thin Huaraches running sandals. He runs in short, rhythmic strides. Loop after loop. Here’s a guy whose body looks primordial; he’s not trying to lose a beer gut or fit into his Distinctive Sportswear ’70s leisure suit for one last disco party. So why does he run? What’s he thinking? How much does he eat?

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We have a brief announcement: In recent years we’ve witnessed a growing interest in endurance sports — everything from adventure racing and backcountry trekking to triathlons and all-night mud runs — and we’ve even experimented ourselves, with the Road to Ironman series. We’ve also heard from readers that you’re interested, you want more. So today we’re launching LIMITS, a channel of GP dedicated to exploring the physical and mental borderlands of human capability. And beyond.

Although these sports can sometimes seem exclusive, our mission is inclusive: to find out more about endurance sports — the gear required, the people who compete and the culture that emerges — with the hope of learning lessons about life, generally. And having some fun along the way. What you can expect is original gear roundups, buying guides, interviews, photo essays, videos, plus an epic multi-part mountain biking series launching next week.

And if there is a disco party, we’re going to find out where it is.