Picking our 10 favorite mountain bike trails for our week of cycling is like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid: we love them each for different reasons. Still, armed with a Rolodex of memorable rides, we set out to catalog the best of the best. The IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and other groups have been creating mouthwatering single track all over the world as diverse as the styles of bikes in your local shop — and they keep getting bigger, better and longer.

Those we’ve selected run the gamut: day rides (fill a CamelBak, pack a lunch, leave at the crack of dawn, spend the day on the bike, have a couple of beers and then pass out), point-to-points, loops, multi-day beauties; there are trails that roll, drop and climb through forests, plains, mountains, deserts and everything in between. Two things they share, though, are an IMBA “Epic” rating, and the fact that you’ll talk about them for years to come.

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