Cool-Hunting-Budnitz-Scorcher-Bike-Gear-Patrol Cool Hunting + Budnitz Scorcher Bike
The Scorcher is a Cool Hunting-kissed version of Budnitz’s original hand-built, single-speed city bike with a Gates belt drive, aggressive riding stance, killer tires and more. The steel frame features signature CH green Chris King hardware and a trendy matte finish. Oh, and they’re giving it away. Sign up for the contest and make Bike Week a little sweeter. ()
adidas-adipure-crazyquick-Gear-Patrol Adipure Crazyquick Shoes
Hot on the heels of adidas’ Crazyquick basketball shoe, these runners fit like gloves, but, you know, for your feet. The minimalist kicks are made to move and flex like a foot for a natural feel. Bold designs make a statement — these colors do run. $100
2013-Dodge-Dart-Mopar-Edition-Gear-Patrol 2013 Dodge Dart Mopar Edition
The stock Dart rides on a modified Alfa Romeo chassis and is meant to deliver a zippy driving experience. Not good enough for Mopar, Chrysler’s in-house tuning division, which just unveiled a 500-unit run of the Dart that features a black and electric blue color scheme, turbo four-cylinder, lowered suspension, tuned steering and a six-speed manual. Might just be a bulls-eye. ()
Stinson-Fit-by-polartec-Gear-Patrol Fit by Polartec Collection
Polartec has cosseted our torsos for decades, but their foray into the commercial textile world — think offices, the healthcare industry and educational institutions — means five new high performance fabrics for sittin’ on. High durability, antimicrobial properties, water resistance, breathability and, of course, comfort, should make for a much more bearable work environment.
Goruck-32L-Kit-Gear-Patrol GORUCK 32-liter Kit Bag
GORUCK adds a weekender to their cavernous USA-made Kit Bag line. With a spacious main compartment good for a few outfits and a handful of other storage pockets, the 32L Kit should be perfect for one or two nights on the road. There’s an Omega carabiner to latch everything shut, too — just don’t forget to slap on a 2×3 patch for a dash of customization. $135
Umbra-iSpoon-Kitchen-Stylus-Gear-Patrol iSpoon Kitchen Stylus
So you’re stirring the artisanal pancake recipe you got from your vegan bike mechanic when suddenly you need to pause your iPad-controlled turntable and answer a call from your holistic reiki guru. You can’t swipe the screen with your buckwheat-goop-covered fingers, so you use a wooden spoon that doubles as an iPad stylus. Yuppie hipster nirvana: achieved. $7
Details-x-CDFA-Auction-Gear-Patrol Details x CDFA Weekend Bags
Hoping to raise funds for up-and-coming designers, DETAILS mag and the CFDA have commissioned 20 high-profile designers — Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, et al. — to rethink the weekend bag. The bags of their labors are up for auction on eBay, so prepare for vicious bid-offs. ()