Sony-Vaio-Pro-Ultrabook Sony VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabook
Sony’s answer to the MacBook Air is loud and clear: a high-powered Intel processor and an 512-gig SSD have been slipped inside an oh-so slim carbon fiber shell, and the 13.3-inch monitor is a full HD touchscreen that’s viewable from most any angle. The whole package weighs in at 2.34 pounds, and unlike the Cupertino crusader, this trim machine comes in black. $1,250
Field-Notes-Night-Sky-Edition-Gear-Patrol Night Sky Field Notes
Just imagine what Galileo could have done had he the proper note-taking equipment (parchment can be so cumbersome). These notebook three packs are perfect for jotting starry night observations (that’s a van Gogh reference), and the constellations printed on their covers roughly align with what’s in the summer sky. $10
Sir-Kensington-Mayo-Gear-Patrol Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise
The exact origins of mayonnaise are disputed; the yumminess of mayonnaise is not. The artisanal ketchup maker is upping the condiment ante (condimante?) with its original and chipotle mayos made from cage-free eggs, sunflower oil and other fresh ingredients. $7
Icebreaker-Merino-Seeker-Shorts-Gear-Patrol Icebreaker Merino Seeker Shorts
Merino wool is nature’s way of telling us we can be both active and stylish. These lightweight knee-length shorts are well tailored and great for travel, lounging, hiking and everything in between. $130
Old-Town-Predator-Kayak-Gear-Patrol Old Town Predator Kayak
Purpose-built for fishing, the new Predator features six mounting plates so paddlers can place their rods, electronic gear, cameras and more wherever they’d like. The seat can be reconfigured for paddling, casting or even standing, there’s room for a trolling motor, and a no-slip surface means a safe and splash-free experience. Buy this for your fisherman dad and you will be the favorite. $1,199+
One-Wipe-Charlies-Gear-Patrol Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Charlies
If you haven’t yet seen the promo video for these, you might not know how to Internet. The goofs at DSC have added these “gently scented” crap products to their lineup, and they’re for exactly what you think. (They’re for your butt.) $4
Whistle-Dog-Activity-Tracker-Gear-Patrol Whistle Dog Activity Tracker
Whistle allows you to monitor your dog’s activity — time spent resting, playing, walking, etc. — through your smartphone, where you can set daily goals, view a daily activity summary and track any changes in your best friend’s behavior.