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Breakdown: Citi Bike

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As of May 27th, New York City’s Citi Bike bikeshare program was the largest in the United States, with 6,000 bikes available to residents and visitors alike. Though the program isn’t without its detractors, it has all the markings of a success: seven days after its launch, 65,000 trips had been taken and 28,000 people had signed up for an annual membership.

Contrary to what many might think, the bike itself is a bit of a design marvel. The Citi Bike has to be able to balance ease of use and convenience with durability and security from theft in a city known to ravenously devour bicycles. The key here is bombproof construction. Built of burly aluminum and requiring almost zero daily maintenance, it’s a three-speed ride that Mad Max might well end up spinning around on in some dystopian future. We break down the royal blue road warrior above.