Stayhold-Gear-Patrol Stayhold Car Trunk Accessory
We’ve all strapped a gallon of milk into a seatbelt to keep it from churning itself to butter on the trip home. STAYHOLD sticks firmly to the carpet of your trunk, forming a wall to keep groceries and other small items in place while you do your best Schumacher impression. $13 ()
Lynx-Downtown-Electric-Grill-Gear-Patrol Lynx Downtown Electric Grill
Don’t call this stainless steel wonder a rich man’s George Foreman Grill (or… do). It’s sized to be portable for indoor/outdoor use, the heating element can reach 700 degrees in about 10 minutes and advanced tech ensures an even heating surface. $1,500
ASUS-PQ321-4k-Monitor-Gear-Patrol ASUS PQ321 4k Monitor
We’re all familiar with (read: drooling over) 4K monitors and televisions — smaller pixels (140 per inch) deliver an extremely sharp, clear picture with minimal color shift. Asus’s 31.5-inch version has 3840 x 2160 resolution and a 176-degree wide viewing angle.
2014-Jeep-Cherokee-Gear-Patrol 2014 Jeep Cherokee
You remember the Jeep Cherokee, right? Ultra rugged, simple, utilitarian and extremely capable, with kick-ass four wheel drive and a torquey inline six? Well, folks, the Cherokee is back, and this is what it looks like. Upgraded everything: more efficient, plenty of amenities, a lot of technology… but this is what it looks like. $22,995
Airstream-2-Go-Gear-Patrol Airstream 2 Go
You’ve always pined for a trip through the American Southwest in a high-class camper, but have neither the driveway space nor the capital to maintain your own bare-metal beauty. Book a trip (minimum five days) and they’ll hook you up with a 23- or 28-foot Airstream and a GMC Yukon to tow it. They’ll even plan a multi-stop itinerary for a little extra dough. $3,850+ ()
Klein-Tools-Camo-Pliers-Gear-Patrol Klein Tools Limited Edition Camo Pliers
To commemorate a $25k donation to Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that provides emergency and financial assistance to the families of our military personnel and those wounded in action, Klein changed the look of their side-cutting pliers by adding camouflage grips and a laser-etched “Support our Troops” logo.
Mophie-Outdoor-Edition-Gear-Patrol Mophie Juice Pack Pro Outdoor Edition
Many a text message owes its life to Mophie. The Pro Outdoor extends battery life by 150% (it’s got the biggest battery of any Juice Pack so far), has a belt clip and seals out dust, dirt, water and whatever else you might find out in the wilderness — plus, there’s a dedicated GPS app to track all manner of outdoor activity data. Unfortunately, for now only iPhone 4 and 4S users can juice. $150 ()
DSPTCH-MacBook-iPad-Cases-Gear-Patrol DSPTCH MacBook and iPad Case Collection
In typical DSPTCH style, these carrying cases are all about utility. Whether they’re lugging a MacBook or an iPad, ballistic mesh + nylon packcloth construction + cord management system + front pocket for your EDC = smart buy. $42+

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