The world’s smallest, lightest DSLR

Canon EOS Rebel SL1: Big Shots, Small Package

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For as long as digital SLR cameras have been around it’s been assumed that their image quality and versatility came at the expense of weight and size. Canon shifts the balance — equalizes it, really — with their new EOS Rebel SL1, the world’s smallest, lightest DSLR. There are no sacrifices made to trim down: a powerful 18-megapixel sensor and full HD video recording are proof of that. What’s more, the SL1 is compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses, allowing you to get the perfect shot, whether that calls for 8mm or 1,600mm. With the EOS SL1, Canon has shrunk the DSLR down to something that you’ll want to carry every day. They’ve given you access to the top-tier shooter you need every time there’s an important moment to capture. So what, specifically, makes the EOS Rebel SL1 such a compact powerhouse? We break it down above.