At some point during the 96-degree summer workweek we’ve all dreamed of escaping the city and getting lost in some beautiful scenery. If you’re looking for a new hobby (or already addicted), perfecting your fly fishing cast on the river is the perfect excuse. You might even catch something. To make sure you get A River Runs Through It lost rather than Blair Witch lost, we’ve rounded up our favorites from our recent series on fly fishing. Check out the highlights below and see the whole series here .

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local-fly-fishing-shop-gear-patrol-lead A Trip to the Typical Fly Shop
Anywhere you find fish that can be caught on a fly (which is just about anywhere you find fish) you’ll find a fly shop. Some are grand affairs with carpeting, staff in matching shirts, and hundreds of brands. Others are small with two or three options of each requisite item. Ed Estlow decided to scope out a local shop; his study (shopping trip?) reveals a lot about these hidden gems. Read the Story »
fly-fishing-essentials-starter-kit-gear-patrol-lead Kit: Learning to Fly Fish
If we’ve done our job, you’re inspired to do some fly fishing. Good on you, sir. All that stands in your way is a lot of practice, some really smart fish, and an utter lack of the necessary equipment. All three of those things are daunting. We tackle the last part with our all-inclusive, affordable fly fishing kit. See the Kit »
local-fly-fishing-shop-visit-gear-patrol-slide-7 A Beginner Fly Fisherman’s Primer
So you watched A River Runs Through It on cable the other night and, your brother’s gambling issues aside, you’ve decided to try fly fishing. What do you need? Well, you could start with just a hardware store rod, reel & line, a few flies in a plastic box, and some clothes you don’t mind trashing. But you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more if you have some decent gear in hand. Lucky you — we’ve got everything you need right here. Read the Guide »
fly-fishing-essay-gear-patrol-lead Why I Fish: An Essay
For some, fishing borders on the mystical; some experience otherworldly feelings or suspension of time. For still others it’s a religious experience. Ed Estlow explains what keeps him casting. Read the Essay »
best-places-to-fly-fish-gear-patrol-lead Three Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations
If you have a hankering for more exotic fish than you can find in the nearest stream, river, or lake, consider packing a bag with a few travel rods and the rest of your gear and giving destination fly fishing a try. That’s all well and good (great, really), but as always, you should strive for the cream of the crop. Here are three trips worthy of the bucket list of any fly fisher. See the List »
lefty-kreh-interview-gear-patrol-Final 30 Minutes With: Lefty Kreh
Lefty Kreh is one hell of a fisherman. He’s lots of other things, too: retired outdoor editor of the Baltimore Sun, accomplished photographer, prolific author, father and grandfather, teller of stories, entertainer, absolute legend as a fly caster. It seems, though, that all of these things orbit around the first one. We sat down with him to hear about his 32nd book, common casting mistakes, how he was introduced to the sport, and much, much more. Read the Interview »