FNO-Integrated-Sleeping-Bag-Gear-Patrol FNO Integrated Sleeping Bag
A self-inflatable sleeping pad is a far cry from the “soft” brush you usually pile beneath your tent to simulate a mattress, and it sells in tandem with the sleeping bag, which is good for 30 degree temps and snoozers over six feet. Included, too: a pack that fits both items for easy, compact carrying. $159
Confessions-from-Correspondantland-Gear-Patrol Confessions from Correspondentland: The Dangers and Delights of Life as a Foreign Correspondent
BBC foreign correspondent Nick Bryant has seen it all — from cutting his teeth alongside Piers Morgan to covering major political events to traveling the world to capture a story. In this memoir-esque tell-all, Bryant discusses life as a correspondent, revealing secrets of the trade and telling stories from his first-hand perspective. $12 ()
Ghostly-Record-Tote-Gear-Patrol Ghostly Record Tote
These bags, part of a 15-unit limited run and handstitched by Ryan Perkins in Kalamazoo, Michigan sport 24-ounce canvas outers paired with St. Louis-sourced leather straps. The waxed outer material protects the 25 records that’ll fit inside the chambray-lined innards. That’s just a tiny fragment of your comprehensive library of tunes, so choose wisely. $275 ()
First-Alert-Atom-Smoke-Alarm-Gear-Patrol First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Smoke detectors are a legal necessity, and they undeniably save lives. But the big problem has always been that they’re just so drop-dead ugly, right? Thankfully, the Atom is attractive enough to not embarrass the self-preservationist design snobs of the world. Its photoelectric sensor can detect the severity of a fire via its smoke signature, which reduces the frequency of false alarms. $30
Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Zoom-Gear-Patrol Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
We’re all carrying cameras in our pocket, insofar as we have passable ~5MP point and shoots that take awesome selfies. Samsung’s latest S4, running Jellybean 4.2 on a 4.3-inch screen, is a leap forward: a 16MP sensor, xenon flash and a 10x optical zoom — the first of its kind on a phone. Samsung’s new Zoom Ring feature calls up photo functions even during calls; other internals include a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1.5-gigs of RAM and 8 gigs of internal storage. samsung.com
Swami-Made-To-Measure-Wetsuits-Gear-Patrol Swami’s Made-to-Measure Wetsuits
Swami’s custom-tailored wetsuits promise a premium fit that’ll feel close to your birthday suit. Ultraspan stretch neoprene and Yamamoto Smoothskin neoprene are combined to ensure comfort, flexibility and low drag; the individual fit means less water intrusion, more warmth and upped bragging rights. $462 ()