As a kid, you slathered your bedroom wall with posters of sexy exotics like Lamborghinis and Ferraris along with snorting American muscle cars, GTOs and Shelby Mustangs; there was no space for Farrah, Superman or The Goonies. In college, you were more likely to use your hard-earned summer job savings for a used motorcycle than for some overdone trip to South Beach with your buddies. Today, a Porsche 911‘s engine rasp still turns your head as you saunter with your arm wrapped around your better half. Heck, you even aim for the apexes in your semi-sporty family sedan on your way to work. Really. It’s in your blood.

If you’re that guy, this Gear Patrol announcement is aimed squarely at you. Today marks the launch of OCTANE, a channel of GP committed to bringing you the best in motoring — from cars and motorcycles to boats, planes and just about everything in between. You’ll get more of what you already love about our coverage wrapped up cohesively every Monday (and sometimes more), along with in-depth looks at motoring icons, races from all over the globe, roundups of the best vehicles offered today, buying guides and how-to‘s, plus keen insights and opinions — all this on top of gear that makes driving/riding/boating/flying the fulfillment of your wheeled, winged and wet childhood dreams.

The video above — a short but bombastic joyride through the wintry peaks of Aspen in Bentley’s GTC V12 that we put together with Bentley and the talented folks at Lonelyleap — is, we think, a perfect hint of what’s to come. Beyond a massive umbrella of topics covering everything on wheels, this is what we’re most excited to bring to you: a hearty injection of wit, perspective, creativity and inspiration that stomps the pedal in an already intoxicating world of speed. So lace up your driving shoes, break out the polarized sunglasses, adjust your mirrors… and start your engines.

Just don’t forget to close the fuel filler door.