autodromo-stringback-driving-bloves-gear-patrol-tig Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves
Vintage-inspired, these stringback driving gloves hearken to the days of wooden steering wheels and veddy British racing heritage. The short cuff is buttonless, which means your Autodromo watch can gleam in the sun as you motor à la drivers of yore. $110 ()
fujifilm-xm-1-gear-patrol-tig Fujifilm XM-1
According to leaked images, the newest and cheapest member of Fujifilm’s X line — a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera — has simple controls and supposedly boasts wifi connectivity. Expect a 16MP sensor, and notice there’s only a pop-out display in place of a viewfinder. ()
Blue-Claw-Table-Tennis-Paddle-Cases-gear-patrol-tig Blue Claw Table Tennis Paddle Cases
These American-made canvas and leather ping pong holsters sport some eye-catching hues in the hopes that your nattiness can out-pong perhaps even Forrest Gump’s ping. They’ll keep your paddles safe and clean, and there’s even a attached sack for your balls. $35
aston-martin-vanquish-volante-gear-patrol-tig Aston Martin Vanquish Volante
The Vanquish was already gorgeous and glamorous and curvy. Now it’s topless — and just damn provocative. A 565-horsepower V12 takes this swoopy sexpot to 60 in just over four seconds and tops it out at 187 MPH.
Yakima-Whisbar-Fork-Mount-Bicycle-Carrier-gear-patrol-tig Yakima WB200 Whispbar Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier
They say you can’t take it with you, but they said that before there were fork-mount bike carriers for your car’s roof. Now you can take it — your bike, if you’re not keeping up — with you. This Red-Dot-award-winning mount integrates effortlessly with Yakima’s popular Whispbar system, accommodating standard 9- and 15-millimeter through-axle forks without additional adapters; you just pop that wheel off, rack ’em up and hit the road. $249