e’ve all experienced it before — that overwhelming desire to stop and marvel at something. For some, the response is sparked by the sight of art, a beautiful landscape or even particular members of the fairer sex (uncouth, we know). Certain things in this world simply demand more than a passing glance. For people like us, though, it’s all about great things that live at the intersection of impeccable design and remarkable engineering. Chances are you feel the same way.



Capturing the genius of a fantastic product seems simple: point and shoot. Not so much. All those crummy unboxing videos cluttering the web and Amazon? Not acceptable.

To capture this GP Short, we turned to the Canon EOS Rebel T5i ($899). With its flip-out screen and wide 100-12800 ISO range, we were able to turn a corner of our offices into a dramatic backdrop. We paired ours with the included kit lens (18-55mm IS STM) and the ultra-fast Canon EF-S 60mm 2.8 Macro USM ($469) lens for expressive angles and striking close-ups.

The rest of our kit included a tabletop Pico Dolly ($99) with adjustable arm, and several external LED studio lights.

Today, we’re introducing a new way of telling stories — one with fewer words and a higher focus on bringing products we test to life through the magic of short-form video, one perfect for a quick moment of inspiration (or awe) that’s mobile friendly and ready to go. We’re calling them GP SHORTS. That’s not to say we’re going to go all animated GIF happy (despite having some recent fun, for sure) nor are we channeling our inner Billy Mays. These bite-sized videos will range in tone and feel from celebrations of slow-mo to quick cuts, but they’ll still be brimming with our commitment to production value (in a day when the Internet provides anything but), an homage to great things. The product video made awesome.

Our inaugural batch highlights a variety of excellent gear we’ve been fortunate enough to test over the last few months here at GP HQ: gadgets, cars, tools and even some stylish accessories.

Headlining the group are some of the best headphones on the planet, Sennheiser’s iconic HD800s. The reference-quality set, hand assembled in Germany, represents the pinnacle of over 60 years in audio and headphone design, boasting the biggest transducers ever used in headphones today and a listening experience that many audiophiles compare with pure euphoria. Of course, with a street price of $1,500, chances are you won’t be upgrading to these anytime soon. A mere obstacle like price shouldn’t stop you from dreaming, however. That is, if the following video has anything to say about it.

Welcome then to GP Shorts. And now: on with the show.