Patek Philippe has a well-earned reputation as one of the premiere watch manufactures in the world, and their recent exhibition in New York City underscored this fact with what can only be described as a shock-and-awe campaign of stunning effectiveness.

The event, simply titled “Patek Philippe Chronograph and Minute Repeater Exhibition”, showcased their entire collection with a focus on the history of the chronograph and Patek Philippe’s contribution to its evolution and continued development. We were treated to dial printing and watchmaking demonstrations, with the cherry on the sundae being a visit to a specially-built anechoic chamber where we could listen to nine individual minute repeaters chime out the time down to the minute.

The main takeaway here is simple: Patek Philippe is Patek Philippe for a reason, and their mastery of haute horology is almost without peer. Did they get their point across? Considering that we’re now scheming on selling our first borns for a perpetual calendar split-second chronograph, the safe bet seems to be yes.