Rich-Works-Gadget-Sleeves-Gear-Patrol Rich Works Tech Sleeves
These sleeves are handsewn from colorful nylon and paracord and made to order by Rich Works founder Evan Rich. They’ll fit all manner of devices, too — officially, there are sleeves for specific phones, tablets and computers, but down-to-earth and accessible as this CEO is, he’ll work with customers to develop items for tech not listed on the site. $20+
Grow-Redwood-Gear-Patrol Firebox Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Kit
Everything you need to bring a full-size Giant Redwood to fruition: just add water and some earth. Especially good for those of us who want to pay back our neighbor’s great grandchildren’s great grandchildren for their ancestors never returning that chainsaw last year. (Good luck cleaning up all those needles in 2213, suckers!) $11
Eye-fi-Mobi-Gear-Patrol Eye-Fi Mobi Memory Card With Wi-fi
Eye-fi’s been around for a while, but their new Mobi memory card makes sharing between a “real” camera and a mobile device even easier for Instagramming, snapseed editing and the like — all while using its own built-in wi-fi network for Cloud connectivity.
The card only connects when broadcasting files, so battery life is kept in check. $50
Lotus-Grill-Gear-Patrol Lotus Grill
Available in several bold colorways, the Lotus Grill uses a trick insulation and fan system to keep the coals hot and the grill exterior cool enough to move by hand — plus it’s smokeless. And since the coals are completely contained in a secure mesh container, there’s no chance whatsoever of spilling them. There are few parts to contend with; most are weatherproof and a couple are even dishwasher safe. $277+ ()
Ursa-Major-Face-Wipes-Gear-Patrol Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
When life throws grit and grime your way, the weather turns you into a sweat-beast, or you just don’t have time to spruce up before hitting the town after work, a little facial restoration goes a long way. Ursa’s individually wrapped cloths are moistened with a gentle, natural cleanser that’s scented just so — to get you clean, refreshed and ready without too much fuss. $24 ()
Beckett-Simonon-Graham-Desert-Boots-Gear-Patrol Beckett Simonon Graham Desert Boots
There are classic shoe types and there are classic shoe types. The desert boot is, well, both. These ones boast the straightforward look men have sported for decades with waxed suede uppers and a full leather lining; they’re ready to storm the desert sand without breaking any banks. $80