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Feed Me: Great Alternatives To Google Reader

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Remember Google Wave? What about GOOG-411? Aardvark? These were all pretty hyped in their day and were eventually phased out by the big G. Their loss went largely unnoticed; these were fringe services that simply weren’t that useful.

This isn’t the case with Google Reader. The internet cognoscenti’s response to its shut-down announcement has been incredible — not since that one cat meme have so many twitter characters been devoted to a single cause. Yet the fact remains: as of July 1st, the longstanding browser-based RSS compiler with a social streak will be shuttered, and those of us who consume Web content like woodchippers will be tossed into the raw information firehose that is the Internet. Luckily, a host of opportunistic companies have scrambled to make Reader alternatives. Long-standing competitors to Reader have bolstered their their offerings, too.

So which life boat should you swim to? Gather, ye huddled masses of Internet refugees. We’ve come up with the best alternatives to Google Reader ready to take you in.

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