Summertime. You talked about it all winter; planning road trips, cookouts and tailgates. Cut to 5 months later and you cant seem to peel yourself off of the couch without taking a breather. It’s time to act on those plans and we’re here to make sure your (carnivorous) guests don’t have to eat the frozen taquitos you just were using to cool your forehead. Read our best posts from the Month of Beef below and make a manly dinner, you chump.

the-bargain-steak-gear-patrol Hunting for the Bargain Steak
Life doesn’t always provide a Wagyu beef cache and a hot cast iron pan in arm’s reach — especially on the road. We wondered, is it possible to get a good steak at one of America’s big chain restaurants, or is it a lonely walk to the other side of the beef railroad tracks? Our small, slightly unscientific experiment: search for a bargain in a massive, widely accessible national chain restaurant. In this case: Applebee’s. Maybe we’d be pleasantly surprised and find a decent steak at a bargain. Or maybe we’d end up eating a bullet for you. See What We Found »
best-beef-books-gear-patrol-ipad The 5 Best Beef Books
People always ask us, “How do you find time to read when you’re busy eating all that beef?” We kill two steer with one stone — that’s how. The market for beef books is robust, so we’ve winnowed the list of our favorite beef-related cookbooks and resources to only five. That should be easy enough to digest. Read On »
lesser-known-cuts-of-beef-gear-patrol-ipad Lesser-Known Cuts of Beef
In this Month of Beef feature, we explore alternative cuts of beef, including several gaining popularity amongst the foodie set, along with how to navigate the myriad names of each cut and how to cook them all. Bonus: Not only are many of these choices as good if not better than your “go-to” steak — they’re less expensive. Take Yourself to School »
how-to-braise-brisket-gear-patrol How to Braise a Really Big Brisket
We can remember a time when cooking a brisket was a gamble of the highest order. Sometimes mom lifted the lid off the pot and produced a cut of meat so tender you could spread it like pâté. Other times, a tough piece of meat produced a quiet, collective disappointment. Our knowledge of cooking challenging cuts has come a long way — thanks largely to an onslaught of Food Network programs and the general osmosis of scientific cooking techniques into the home kitchen. Braising is one technique we now better understand. This being the Month of Beef, we decided to braise six pounds of Wagyu brisket…you know…for you guys. See how it went »
prearing-it-ground-beef-patty The Perfect Burger Patty
Burgers have been an American staple since the Pilgrams themselves decided to have a cookout one summer night in 1620 (probably). The venerable beef puck’s popularity and abundance has led to some doubt about quality and food safety as of late and we’ve got a solution. The best case scenario, and the one that makes the best burgers, is grinding the beef at home. We got the step-by-step for making the perfect burger patty from beef pro Pat LaFrieda. Guarantee yourself a BBQ invite »
mail-order-beef-survey-gear-patrol-ipad 10 Best Mail-Order Beef Companies
You can purchase nearly anything online in the year 2012. Jeans and vintage watches, virtual assistants, unicorn head costumes for Halloween (a guy we know) — even brides, though it’s a rather complicated transaction (again, a guy we know). Beef is no exception. From traditional mail-order companies like Omaha Steaks to farm-direct sellers like Crystal River meats, the digital beef bazaar is an option-rich environment. See What We Chose »