Saker-S-1-Personal-Jet-Gear-Patrol Saker S-1 Personal Jet
It’s a pain to always have to fly on a commercial airliner — the things are so damn slow, and you have to put your toiletries in plastic baggies. Ugh. If you’ve got a two-seater military-style jet, however, you can lunch in New York and take an afternoon meeting in LA, leaving sonic booms in your wake the whole way there. A top speed of Mach 0.99 means you can smoke just about any other commuter. All you’ll need to get one (when it comes out in 2019) will be $5-$7 million. ()
RedCamper-Greeting-Cards-Gear-Patrol RedCamper U.S. HWY 89 Greeting Cards
You won’t find greeting cards like this at your local Hallmark store. Their images are from very real, very original photos paired with — shall we say — irreverent messages (like mentions of poop and “hidden drag queens”). There are birthday cards, mother’s day cards and some for every other occasion your unique little heart desires. $2+ ()
Sony-SmartWatch-2-Gear-Patrol Sony SmartWatch 2
A follow-up to their original SmartWatch (which wasn’t exactly a hit), Sony’s SmartWatch 2 now uses NFC to quickly pair to [only Android] devices in a snap. It also boasts a longer battery life (and it charges via micro USB), a larger, sharper screen, water resistance, a changeable strap and a better log of apps. Finally “smart” is deserved, no? ()
MAKR-X-Unionmade-Magazine-Rack-Gear-Patrol MAKR X Unionmade Magazine Rack
Simplicity is beautiful because it minimizes the noise between our senses and the essence of the things we interact with. Also, it’s easy. This painted stainless steel frame with a hardy leather swatch holds your magazines and newspapers — and stays out of your way. It’s only one of a multi-piece shop MAKR has opened inside Unionmade’s San Fran store. $400 ()
Dom-Vetro-Sunglasses-Gear-Patrol Dom Vetro Sunglasses
The craftsmen at Dom Vetro make each one of these frames by hand — carving, grinding, sanding and pounding — so each pair is slightly different; their attention to detail is a sight to be seen. Six materials and two styles are ripe for the picking, with lenses that are a perfect shade of dark. $295
2013-Becks-Beer-Art-Labels-Gear-Patrol 2013 Beck’s Beer Art Labels
For the summer months, Beck’s is featuring labels designed by six multidisciplinary artists who employ formidable independence in their careers — from Kid Cudi to Marc Ecko and beyond — to support up-and-coming artists. Cheers to that.
Samsung-Ativ-Q-Tablet-Laptop-Gear-Patrol Samsung Ativ Q Tablet Laptop
At less than three pounds and just a shade over a half-inch thick, this tablet/laptop is as light as it is versatile. The full HD screen (with a crazy 275 ppi) flips and folds to join with or hide the keyboard, “SideSync” displays your smartphone screen on the laptop’s screen, and the computer can run Jellybean and Windows operating systems in tandem and when connected.