Sony-Xperia-Z-Ultra-Gear-Patrol Sony Xperia Z Ultra
The new Xperia is much improved, but also bigger — with a 6.4-inch screen it’s verging on tablet territory (Moses would have loved this thing). The new phone is also waterproof (but don’t use it in a pool) and very slim; its large battery promises long life; its Snapdragon processor and LTE connectivity promise speed. No promises yet on stateside availability. ()
Fiik-Electric-Skateboards-Gear-Patrol Fiik Electric Skateboards
If you haven’t outgrown racing RC cars and have always dreamed of surfing on land — and you’re in the USA — your fantasies are now realized. Fiik, the Australian wirelessly controlled electric skateboard company, is bringing their products to the States so we Yanks can carve up all types of terra firma, from pavement to off road and all points between.
Cars-for-the-Cure-Gear-Patrol Cars For A Cure Apparel
Founder Mason Watson has sketched cars his whole life, so when his mother’s life was cut short by cancer in 2008, he decided to fight back with what he knew. 20% of each sale of his auto-related, retro-esque shirts goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Cancer sucks. These shirts do not. $30
Travelteq-Small-Leather-Goods-Gear-Patrol Travelteq Small Leather Goods
These three Florentine Vacchetta leather items are made for the elite luxury traveler. The dopp kit is compartmentalized, with orange lining and a zipper pocket; a magnetic clasp holds it closed for travel. If you’re sporting an iPhone 4, the new case features a small pocket for a couple cards, and if you’ve got shoes the shoehorn might come in handy too.
Truffol-Signature-iPhone-Cases-Gear-Patrol Truffol Signature iPhone Cases
Give a stylish designer CNC machine access and a lot of stainless steel and the product will be a sight to behold. Indeed, sculpted pebbled Italian leather can have the same effect. Put them on the already sleek iPhone 5 and you’ve got one sexy look (actually, two).
Defy-Ultimate-Gym-Bag-Gear-Patrol Defy Ultimate Gym Bag
Camouflage is cool, sure, but it’s also super hard to see. It’s a good thing the straps and zipper on this duffel are thick and bright orange. Made of ballistic cordura and lined with ripstop, it’ll wear as tough as it looks. $110