Sharp-Aquos-Ultra-HD-LED-TV-gear-patrol-tig Sharp Aquos Ultra HD LED TV
If you’re a cinephile, go find your credit card and tell your bank the mortgage payment will be late. This is the only THX-certified TV: a 70-inch, 4K machine with six speakers and a special subwoofer system — 35 watts of oomph. Built in wi-fi streams Netflix, et al.; apps like Facebook are ready to browse; channels can be surfed via mobile device; USB ports let you view your photos; and 3D glasses are included for multi-dimensional fun. $8,000
Hedley-Bennett-Eagle-Scout-Apron-gear-patrol-tig Hedley & Bennett Eagle Scout Apron
If you’re going to don an apron for grilling or butchering or reenacting scenes from Dexter, make it the king of aprons. This thick, deadstock canvas number is nearly full length, has plenty of pockets and even sports some red cotton straps to up your “dashing cook” quotient by a couple degrees. Only 85 are available, so delay not.
Punt-Mai-Tai-Bar-Cart-gear-patrol-tig Punt Mai Tai Bar Cart
Just because this cart’s name mentions a specific cocktail doesn’t mean it wouldn’t look as appropriate or be as functional when serving up a fine Scotch or martini. Details are scarce on this modern-aesthetic project, but the two trays are removable for ease of use and a touch of class, and it seems there are multiple materials and colors available as well. Cheers to that.
Borough-Furnace-Cast-Iron-Skillets-gear-patrol-tig Borough Furnace Cast Iron Skillets
Since its Kickstarter genesis two years ago, this Syracuse-based, eco-friendly workshop has been continually run by two cousins who make all their products by hand. Their furnaces burn vegetable oil, and only recycled iron is used in the castings. Just a few of these flax-seed-oil-seasoned, nine-inch skillets are made each day, which means when they sell out they sell out. The site is refreshed each Tuesday with the previous week’s output, however, so check back often for more — and get ’em while they’re hot (they’re cooled off for shipping). $280
Barber-Osgerby-Curling-Chair-gear-patrol-tig Barber Osgerby Sofa Collection
If you’re looking to add a touch of simple, colorful modernity to your living space, this new line — designed by the British design duo for Knoll — might be just the ticket. Healthily stuffed, these sofas, chairs and ottomans stand on contrast-color aluminum feet that slide in between the upholstered cushions. Additionally, a cast aluminum base also props up a wooden stool seat or a tabletop machined from glass, marble or leather.
Ghurka-Walker-Collection-Twill-Backpack-gear-patrol-tig Ghurka Walker Collection Twill Backpack
Though little description is necessary when it comes to some brands (this blurb could read “Ghurka. Duh.”), at times the details are too compelling to remain succinct. This backpack will swallow a weekend’s luggage or a day’s gear, what with the multiple pockets and very attractive closures. We’re partial to the black twill and its deep emerald green lining. $595