To those who like timepieces, a watch can be many things: a piece of art, a collectible investment, an accessory to an outfit. But true to our name, we prefer to see watches first and foremost as gear. Whether you’re wearing it to dive with sharks, drive a supercar or get married, it is that portable, reliable companion that keeps the time of your life. These are not objects to keep in a safe deposit box, but rather worn, used and appreciated.

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We’ve covered watches here for quite a while, but now, in the same vein as our new series LIMITS and OCTANE, it’s time to formally (re)introduce TIMEKEEPING, a discerning and slightly different take on watches than maybe you get elsewhere. Every Tuesday, we’ll deliver our take on timepieces through our regular series: Icons explains the grails, Breakdowns simplify the complications, Roundups give you options and our Want This, Get This might even save you some money. Sometimes we’ll show you cool watches just because we love watches and that’s what we do.

Timekeeping won’t discriminate based on brand names, importance, style or price. Instead we seek to present a range of watches, from affordable to priceless, that carry on the spirit of utility, beauty, tradition and innovation that made us love watches in the first place. Our little team of Timekeeping writers wants to share a little bit of that love with you. Even if you don’t always agree with our choices, our hope is that you can appreciate the spirit that inspired them. So without further ado, let’s get ticking.