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Nailed It: 5 Best Hammers

July 3, 2013 Buying Guides By

Of all the tools in a man’s workshop, his hammer is perhaps the most personal. Socket sets, wrenches, even power tools are fair game for neighbors to borrow and lose in the depths of their garages, but you never touch another man’s hammer. Partnered with his tape measure, it forms the foundation of go-to grabs when anything needs fixed or persuaded back into position. Chances are you still have your first forged striker, but we’ll forgive you an upgrade; it really is time. You’d be surprised how far hammer tech has come, but in the end, it’s still all about hitting the nail on the head. Here are five of our favorites for beginners to the most hardened steel swingers out there — whether you loop it, or let it hang from a belt is entirely up to you.

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