We would be ashamed if you were to sit inside and read the web all afternoon while your friends and family barbecue, drink all sorts of delicious beverages, enjoy a good movie or two, hit the surf, rock out, get a beautiful char tan, settle in for a good read or go on an adventure (perhaps even the stylish kind). Hell, you really should be doing all those things with American-made products, too. Like we said, do not stay in pondering about summer. Happy fourth, folks. -GP

Smithsonian-Gettysburg-Map-Gear-Patrol Smithsonian Magazine’s Interactive Battle Of Gettysburg Map
Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, this interactive map is an excellent tool for war buffs looking to delve into the progression of the Civil War’s most famous battle, as it showcases the decisions battlefield commanders made using the information available to them on the ground. For more casual historians, Esquire’s Politics Blog is currently featuring posts by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman in their “Gettysburg The Esquire Reenactment” series. For everyone else, just watch Captain America. smithsonianmag.com
Dogfish-Head-Hard-Tack-Chowder-Gear-Patrol Dogfish Head Hard Tack Chowder
Dogfish Head brewery is based in Delaware — and is not, contrary to popular belief (for mostly geographic and space-time reasons) why Washington crossed the Delaware River way back when — and they brew some damn fine, if slightly unique, beer. They’ve concocted a chowder based on a recipe straight out of the pages of Moby Dick and infused it with their famous 60 Minute IPA, which means it’s about the most American thing you could ever sink your wooden teeth into. $4 ()
Levis-Commuter-Series-Gear-Patrol Levi’s Commuter Series
We Americans love us some denim, probably because it feels like so much stiff, hot Freedom against our calloused and McDonalds-ed skin. Levi’s Commuter Series is purpose built for the cycling community — stretch fabrics, odor guards and water-resistant tech is integrated with denim and other materials. Features like integrated bike lock holsters and reflective tape pant cuffs make for functional and comfortable shirts, legwear, jackets and more. Wear them during your commute and then straight into the office. us.levi.com
Scout-Regalia-Ranger-Stool-Gear-Patrol Scout Regalia Ranger Stool
Made in LA, originally for the New Belgium Ranger Station, these unique stools come in three sizes — each perfectly sized for perching on whilst contemplating this extraordinary country of ours — and feature a storage compartment under the seat. Available in off-white or forest green powder-coated steel and white oak, these stools may not help you prevent forest fires, but they’d certainly be worth saving from one. $310+
Artiano-Sharma-Pants-Gear-Patrol Artiano Sharma Pants
Those crazy folks in LA also make pants; by the looks of these, very cool pants. Nothing quite screams independence as loudly as two-tone chinos (we like the Navy + Scarlet colorway, though we’re calling it Red and Blue), aside from perhaps the gunpowder report of a cannonball blasting toward lines of Redcoat infantry or the screaming of a Bald Eagle echoing across the snow-capped peaks of purple mountains majesty. $185
Flyover-Press-Bennington-Flag-Letterpress-Print-Gear-Patrol Flyover Press Bennington Flag Letterpress Print
Each iteration of this 13- by 20-inch hand-pressed print — a limited, 100-piece run — is created in New Haven, Connecticut. Modeled after a flag that flew over the pivotal battle of Bennington, part of the Saratoga Campaign that aided handily in bringing about the surrender of British troops at Saratoga, this flag is an historical symbol that’s made in the seat of our nation’s genesis. $35