A world of infinite perception

The Runaway

What if our attention were undirected? What if our curiosity were undying and our perceptive capacity far broader? What might the world look like? How many stories could be told? This witty Spanish language short by writer/director Victor Carrey presents such a world — a world of infinite perception. For the first half of the film, we are bombarded with an infinite loop of curiosities, trivia, and musings. From a simple question regarding the origin of a stray dollar bill, an infinitely digressive stream of seemingly unrelated characters and stories ensues.

Then, at the mid-point, our fast-talking narrator decides none of this matters, shuts up for a while, and lets a more classically focused story played out. The difference in the two approaches is fascinating, as is their juxtaposition within the single film. Perception is selective, and curiosity can yield fascinating insights. And yet, as we discover in the film’s second half, if we ask too many questions, a beautiful story can be drowned in the details.