K-Array-Anakonda-KAN200-Speaker-Gear-Patrol K Array Anakonda KAN200 Speaker
The Anakonda is a much friendlier take on the giant reptilian constrictor made infamous by the eponymous (well, not with a “k” part) box office smash of ’97. These are 6.5-foot long, cord-like speakers that can be daisy-chained together in strings up to 210 feet long. Each Anakonda is a 300-watt max-power audio output device that’s perfect for PA systems in situations where boxes won’t work. White and black cloth socks are included for blending into the scenery. k-array.com()
Ray-Ban-Folding-Wayfarer-Gear-Patrol Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers Summer 2013
These folding versions of the icons (right?) are now available in bolder summer colors, which is good news for your Hawaiian shirt collection. $160+ ()
Epic-Road-Travel-Experiences-Gear-Patrol Epic Road Transformative Travel Experiences
Want to journey through Africa or trek through the Arctic? Epic Road will make your exotic dream adventure happen with fully customizable itineraries that promise immersion into local culture with emphasis on global issues — for instance, you could “notch and microchip black rhino with conservationists”. epicroad.com ()
Adidas-Springblade-Running-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Adidas Springblade Running Shoes
Adidas’s Innovation Team has been hard at work engineering the 16 angled flippers blades on the bottom of their new Springblade running shoe, tuning them to meet the physical demands of each footfall and to respond by swimming harder pushing off à la… well, a spring. They’re promised to be ultra durable and to handle high temps seven times better than standard Adidas cushioning, too. Reminds us of powerbocking, but we’ll all have to wait until August 1 to find out for sure what these radical kicks are like. $180
Loll-Designs-Lollygagger-Lounger-Gear-Patrol Loll Designs Lollygagger Lounger
Minnesota born and bred, Loll’s Lollygagger is 100% recycled — it’s made of high-density polyethylene, which means it’s waterproof and guilt proof. It’s also promised to have the perfect seating position for an afternoon of sun-soaking, and an integrated bottle opener under the right armrest gives merit to that claim. It’s available in a variety of colors, so express your individuality, lay back and enjoy. $440
Sailormade-Wristwear-and-Belts-Gear-Patrol Sailormade Wristwear and Belts
What would you expect but braided ropes, sailcloth, nylon webbing and brass or bronze hardware? Sure, there are belts and bracelets here that call to mind adventure on the deep blue, but each piece is just as at home on land, paired with whatever natty dress you care to sport. sailormadeusa.com