Vandeyk-x-Rapha-Continental-Bicycle-Gear-Patrol-Final Vandeyk x Rapha Continental Bicycle
This design study — yes, sadly it’s a one off not available for purchase — is primed for the road, but is mostly for the eyes. Artists, photographers and expert bike builders contributed to this collaboration, which resulted in a handbuilt, stainless steel frame with extra tire clearance, disc brakes, extended seatstays and internal brake cables. Graphic coding placed on the forks translates to “Continental”, so if you speak bicycle you’ll be able to spot this one coming.
DirecTV-GenieGo-Gear-Patrol DirecTV GenieGo
GenieGo is perfect for the DVR-phile on the go (no magic lamp required). Up to 20 hours of recorded shows are available on your mobile device (and can be scheduled to be ready for download as soon as they record). Download and store them to your phone, etc., or stream via wi-fi and watch at your leisure. $99
Hurley-Phantom-Fuse-2-Gear-Patrol Hurley Phantom Fuse 2 Board Shorts
With focus on the waistband, since, according to Hurley, it’s the only part that’ll touch your body, the Fuse 2 is the next generation answer to (drumroll…) the Fuse. These boardies feature a strong, bonded net design and are super lightweight; the quick-dry fabric is partially made of recycled plastic; the waistband includes a re-imagined structure and neoprene coating; plus they’re made to stretch, so you can hang ten and not worry about any upskirt action shots. $125
Shimano-R785-Road-Disc-Brake-System-Gear-Patrol Shimano R785 Road Disc Brake System
The aluminum in this confidence-inspiring hydraulic braking system aids in shedding huge amounts of heat, reducing brake fade even in harsh conditions. The two-piston system clamps onto finned rotors — 140mm and 160mm discs are available — that work hard to keep things cool. Not that you need any help in that department, you slick cycling stud, you.
Farmers-Racer-PackBags-Gear-Patrol Farmer’s Racer Packbags
18-ounce waxed canvas makes up the body of this rugged, bike-friendly pack, which is waterproof and good looking — like Patrick Dempsey’s face (when Botox goes right, folks). There are two colors, the rubber pieces are recycled tire material, there are no loose straps hanging everywhere (thanks to a trick dot-fastener closure system) and it’s a cinch to carry the pack on your shoulder. $308
e-Churrasco-BBQ-Gear-Patrol e-Churrasco BBQ
Charcoal is unbeatable in terms of flavor and aroma, but when you need a burger ASAP it can be a bit nerve-wracking to wait for the embers to reach full tilt. The folks at Churrasco have solved that very quagmire with what they claim to be the world’s first gas-ignited charcoal grill. In the right conditions, your cooking surface can be ready to char beef in 15 minutes, and since you can actually use this rig as a gas or charcoal steak machine, the world is your oyster (grilled, natch).