“I want the people in the top of the arena to be able to see my shoe”. Kevin Durant had no intention of making a quiet shoe when it came time to design the sixth iteration of his signature Nikes — but the design goes much deeper than its fluorescent green and yellow skin. The KD VI ($130) radically deviates from the traditional high-topped status quo of modern basketball shoes in its pursuit of lighter weight and increased agility.

All of these features are a manifestation of Durant’s style of play and personal tastes. “It always starts with him” said shoe designer Leo Chang, who’s worked with Kevin for all six iterations of his signature kicks. Chang says the design was inspired by the precision and craftsmanship of a luxury watch, and while not immediately obvious, that motif reveals itself in the new shoe’s subtle detailing. Seeing the shoes — and Durant — in person provided some great insight on the new line. We break it down above.