Kwikset-Kevo-Lock-Gear-Patrol Kwikset Kevo Lock
Kwikset says their new lock communicates with iPhones via Bluetooth Smart Ready Technology, but it’ll look like magic to your next houseguests. Download the Kevo app, set up the battery powered deadbolt, keep the phone in your pocket, and simply touch the lock with a finger to unlatch your door. Key fob transmitters are available for iPhone-less folks; digitally transmit an “eKey” to temporary guests via iPhone. And rest assured, real metal keys still work as backup.
Roamer-App-Gear-Patrol Roamer App
If you travel abroad these days, you know it can be tricky — sometimes downright maddening — to configure cost-effective phone service in other countries. To avoid huge roaming fees, this app tethers your native number and forwards calls to a service, then calls are rerouted to your phone via a cheap SIM card you purchase at your destination. Roamer promises 90% cheaper calls than regular roaming rates, so you can email, browse and gab all you want instead of enjoying your next vacation.
James-Perse-Oversize-Stripe-Beach-Towel-Gear-Patrol James Perse Oversize Stripe Beach Towel
The best part of these big, high-end towels might be that the darker stripes are a color called “abyss”. It’s also possible the best part is that they look excellent draped across the teak furniture on the front deck of your yacht. Or maybe it’s that their extra-long loops soak up water off your Brazilian supermodel girlfriend very efficiently. Any way you cut it, these are prime towel options for anyone who can absorb the cost. $195
Nike-Incyte-Soccer-Ball-Gear-Patrol Nike Incyte Soccer Ball
Soccer ball tech has come a long way since those wheezy, half-inflated airbags you walloped around in P.E. class. The Incyte uses Nike’s RaDar pattern for high visibility and is textured for accurate air travel; it’s also so good looking that you may want to keep a display case on your mantle. With a stitch and shape guarantee, you’ll be kickin’ balls for two years, worry free. $150
Dacor-Discovery-WineStation-Gear-Patrol Dacor Discovery WineStation
Getting a cork to fit back into the neck of a wine bottle is a pain in the ass, and it’s also not great to let expensive wine sit around in uncontrolled environments with no hope of protection or preservation. This four-bottle, restaurant-grade unit uses argon gas to preserves wine for up to 60 days at just about any temperature you select (via LCD control screens). Easy-to-clean pouring spouts automatically dispense, keeping every pour tasty, and a safety lock guarantees no one but approved users will have access to your expensive old grape juice.
Ona-Bolton-Street-DSLR-Backpack-Gear-Patrol Ona Bolton Street DSLR Backpack
This is the photographer’s equivalent of John McClane’s duct tape shoulder blade holster — both make quick work of shooting people. An easy-access side port makes getting to your SLR a breeze, and the interior is configurable for all your gear, including up to five lenses, a 15-inch computer and various EDC items. It’s made of handsome waxed canvas and leather, so water and good looks aren’t an issue, and air mesh backing and shoulder straps ensure comfort as well. $359