There was a time when shopping for a cell phone was ridiculously simple. You’d waltz into the nearest Radio Shack, browse through a handful of demo devices anchored onto the wall, and spend a good four to five Benjamins on a BlackBerry 8700 or RAZR V3 (or the Nokia with the changeable covers, which was awesome). What hasn’t changed: we’re enslaved to our mobile devices. What has: the field of competitors.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen new entries from every major smartphone manufacturer spread across all four mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and believe it or not, BlackBerry. With companies like Apple sticking to its one-phone-per-year blueprint, Nokia releasing several updated renditions of its popular Lumia series, and Samsung dropping the “next big thing” practically every other month, choosing the right smartphone can be an overwhelming decision at the moment. Well, we took the liberty of breaking down the top handsets on the market to help simplify the process. Here are the 10 best smartphones we recommend using your upgrade on.

Editor’s Note: As of July 2013. We’ll be updating this list as new and improved options hit the market. Until then, upgrade away.

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