Carrera-Folding-Bicycle-Helmet-Gear-Patrol Carrera Foldable Helmet
This biking helmet is for you if (a) you take part in a two-wheel commute in the city, where storage space is at a premium, and/or (b) you have a fat head (okay, any size head is fine). The frame expands and contracts for a space saving stowage; inside, an elastic system ensures a snug and comfortable posture on your skull. When folded, the helmet can be secured with an included strap that doubles as a belt loop hook/pant leg garter; when unfolded, safety and security aspects aren’t compromised a bit. ()
Tylt-Band-Phone-Car-Charger-Gear-Patrol Tylt Band Car Charger
These colorful, two-foot-long flat silicone cables have been sent from the electronic gear heavens to combat cord tangles and provide charging solutions for on-the-go techies. The 2.1-amp plug docks into a cigarette lighter and will jack into a micro USB or Apple 30-pin port, and Lightning connector compatibility is coming soon. Even better, there’s a second full size USB port for multi-device charging.
Choctaw-Ridge-Swim-Trunks-Gear-Patrol Choctaw Ridge Swim Trunks
Pants? Where we’re going, you won’t want pants! How else will you show off your no-expense-spared underthings? Choctaw Ridge garments are based on the philosophy of a (possibly fictional) bygone era, when men bought only a few of the finest garments they could and wore them proudly. They’ve brought that paradigm back to the future (full circle joke!) with their high-grade swim trunks, replete with rubber buttons and two pockets — and just like their undies, these come in a special, old fashioned box. $140
Air-Force-Thunderbirds-Edition-2014-Mustang-GT-Gear-Patrol Ford Air Force Thunderbirds Edition 2014 Mustang GT
If you want this one, you’ll have to [dog]fight for it — on the auction block. To commemorate the USAF’s 60th birthday, Ford has donated a one-off Mustang GT with a paint scheme based on the Air Force Thunderbirds Squadron. It’s a supercharged widebody mod with custom wheels and a unique belly pan, Brembo clampers and Recaro seats with the Thunderbirds’ logo. Proceeds go to the Young Eagles flight education program. ()
I-Wear-The-Black-Hat-Gear-Patrol I Wear The Black Hat By Chuck Klosterman
Chuck Klosterman, he of stark insight, witty prose and other things that make you go “huh“, is back with a brand new edition. His latest tome addresses the topic of villainy: those with whom he was fascinated with as a kid, and those he identifies with now. He explores what evil means, why we see certain people as such and what it is to be an antihero. This book spends its entire existence examining bad, which actually sounds pretty good. $16
Bowers-and-Wilkins-Launches-CM10-Gear-Patrol Bowers & Wilkins CM10
The new successor to B&W’s CM series has arrived. The CM10 is the first in the series to boast the tweeter-on-top design that previously defined their prestigious Diamond line. The result? Better imaging and dispersion for a more natural, spacious sound. Available this August. $4,000