Two wheels, friends, and a whole lotta gear

Wilderness Collective Adventure WC-001

Videos : Viewfinder By Photo by Wilderness Collective

We spoke with Steve Dubbeldam, founder and leader of Wilderness Collective, just a few weeks ago. Since then, we accompanied WC on adventure their #002 — sailing to the Channel Islands (more on that soon) — and learned a great deal more on what the company’s all about. This video is from the first official trip, a dual-sport motorcycle voyage through the Sierra National Forest and Yosemite Valley, a journey of hundreds miles of looming Sequoias, bold, sunny terrain, burbling streams, muddy mires and a terrific amount of good old fashioned outdoor living (but way better).

The WC-001 men were a varied group, spanning a wide age range and sprinkled about the motorcycle experience spectrum (some had literally learned to ride and gotten a permit days before the trip; others had ridden for decades), but with a shared goal: friends and fathers and sons, all looking for an adventure, for good company and good memories. We follow their fantastic journey, for which they were supplied head to toe with helmets, riding jackets, gear packs, boots and of course motorcycles, all made to cut through terrain. At the end of each day the group was treated to a feast that has no logical place in the wilderness; only, mind you, after traversing the beauty of Northern California for hours on end did they rest and relax. Campfires, motorcycles, cigars, scenery, friends. See their journey here, and get ready to grin (and maybe drool, and very possibly shake your fist with envy).