Gerber-GDC-Hook-Knife-Gear-Patrol Gerber GDC Hook Knife
First off, we want to make clear that we appreciate all of our readers and hope each of you well in all your endeavors. That said, any of you who are incarcerated and shiv-happy shouldn’t get any smart ideas about this little guy. It’s a compact tool made to dangle off your keychain, with a finger-sized hole grip made for easy unsheathing. There’s a ziptie gnawer, a box cutter and an emergency seat belt knife, all cleverly included in a compact EDC design. $7
Mycharge-Freedom-2000-iPhone-Case-Gear-Patrol Mycharge Freedom 2000 iPhone Case
In any of the myriad patterns and colors available, this one-piece iPhone 5 armor does more than save your device’s skin — it saves your bacon should you need to talk or text that extra mile. With a 100% increase in battery life you’ll have a projected 9 hours of talk time. High-density foam and dual-injected rubber guard against bumps but leave audio ports and other controls free; just plug in the integrated Lightning cord and Instagram for hours. $80
HexBright-FLEX-Flashlight-Gear-Patrol HexBright FLEX
The Flex is an all-aluminum, ultra-powerful, rechargeable and programmable (yep) flashlight. Not many flashlights have a circuit board — this one is open source, meaning you can custom program its functions (from the factory there are three brightness settings). The LEDs pump out up to 500 lumens, and when the charge runs low pour the juice back in via USB cable. $99
Kyocera-Torque-Gear-Patrol Kyocera Torque
Remember when Indiana Jones survived a nuclear explosion by huddling in a refrigerator? (No? You’re lucky.) This phone is like that refrigerator. Sure, you can’t climb in it, but Bear Grylls endorses it, so it’ll survive just about anything a tried and true extreme adventurer might do (including, presumably, something to do with drinking piss). It’s dirt/dust/shock/splash proof, but there’s also a 4-inch touchscreen, 32 gigs of memory, and a 5MP camera — and it’s free after rebates. $350
MISSION-EnduraCool-Instant-Cooling-Towel-Gear-Patrol MISSION EnduraCool Instant Cooling Towel
When Serena Williams and Dwight Howard get together, the result is bound to be cool. Along with others, the two pro athletes founded Mission, a line of athlete-centric products. The company’s new towel uses science to control evaporation and keep the fabric cool to the touch for up to two hours at a time. There are no chemicals, it’s entirely washable and reusable and it even protects against UV rays. $12+ ()
Converse-First-String-x-Nigel-Cabourn-Chuck-Taylor-Plimsole-OX-Gear-Patrol Converse First String x Nigel Cabourn Chuck Taylor Plimsole OX
Nigel Cabourn, master of all things vintage clothing, has injected his wise design sense into this collaboration with perennial favorite Converse. This version of their popular Chuck Taylor low top features rugged military cues juxtaposed with a soft white monochromatic look. A rugged rubber sole with wavy patterns, flat laces with metal bits around the eyelets and a special toe cap round out the textural components. $98