Swims-48-Hour-Bag-gear-patrol-tig Swims 48 Hour Bag
Lest this bag be so generically considered a “weekender”, Swims makes it clear it’s meant to be used for 48-hour stints anytime. It’s a straightforward navy-colored ordeal with leather handles and details, and because this is Swims, waterproof zippers keep the wet out, the nylon body is water-resistant, and natty, nautical-inspired (nattical?) feet keep your bag safe on most any surface. $299
3M-Paint-Defender-gear-patrol-tig 3M Paint Defender Spray Film
Few things irk true automotive enthusiasts more than a car collector who hoards vehicles only to imprison them in a pristine display room for decades. Problem is, even an ultra-safe driver will have trouble keeping his well-driven car blemish free, what with things like rocks and dirt being a part of the natural road environment. 3M wizards have crafted a clearcoat-safe, spray-on film for your vehicle’s delicates: mask off a few areas (hood, sills, bumpers), spray on Paint Defender and the clear film guards against small nicks and scratches. It’s removable too — just peel it off when you want to go bareback. $25 ()
Dewalt-Right-Angle-Adapter-Attachment-gear-patrol-tig DeWalt Right Angle Adapter Attachment
Until programmable robot swarms are a usable reality for public use (You reading, NSA? We know what you’re up to in Area 51), this nifty impact driver attachment is the best option we civilians have should there be holes to drill or screws to drive in any cramped spaces. Floating magnets keep everything in place; the main body acts as a grip that won’t get hot during use. $23
Jaguar-Project-7-Concept-Car-gear-patrol-tig Jaguar Project 7 Concept Car
Jaguar’s new F-Type has been a roadgoing sensation as of late, striking chords with the automobile literati and enthusiasts alike. The crafters from Coventry have released a one-off, all-aluminum racer based on the F-type that pays homage to their late 50s LeMans champ, the D-Type, with a blue paint scheme and a gorgeous racing fairing behind the driver’s head. Replete with carbon fiber trim and aero details, this is a single-seater with only a helmet (custom, obviously) resting where a passenger seat would be, a lowered windscreen, lowered ride height, and an eight-speed transmission paired to a 550-horsepower V8. jaguar.com
difficult-men-by-brett-martin-gear-patrol-tig Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution
Through interviews with big industry names and behind-the-scenes stories from major non-cable shows like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and Mad Men, Brett Martin explains what is so significant about the last couple decades of television. It’s been a revolution, he argues: characters introduced who aren’t always likable, storylines or individual episodes played out that do not always end in tidy, happy packages. Exploring the groundbreaking television we love from the inside out sounds like a good read. $18
relcaimed-wood-razor-handle-gear-patrol-tig Owen & Fred Reclaimed Wood Razor Handle
Made from Cypress wood found on the floor of the Louisiana River where it was sticking it out for over a century, these razor handles fit Mach 3 blades and are set to spruce up any medicine cabinet. Their slight green hue is due to a long underwater residency, the result of abandonment by loggers who were floating their timber downriver to wood mills. Their loss is your grain. $69