Cree-BR30-LED-Flood-Light-Gear-Patrol Cree LED Flood Light Bulb
Cree’s latest bulb gives indoor dwellers (most of you readers, we reckon) even more options for smarter lighting. A perfect replacement for the common BR30 bulb often used in recessed or track lighting fixtures, Cree’s flood light is dimmable, uses 85 percent less energy than traditional bulbs (650 lumens at just 9.5 watts) and has a 10-year warranty. $20
Clongs-BBQ-Click-Lock-Sit-Up-Tongs-Gear-Patrol Clongs BBQ Click-Lock Sit Up Tongs
It’s hard to find a clever sausage slicer that doesn’t touch its tip to your countertop. Clongs — the “cl” stands for “click”, after the trick toggle button that locks and unlocks the hinge — have a built-in sausage pricker for juice status checking and a little loop to hang your links whilst chopping them to length. Use it for makeshift castanets during a grillside rendition of the “Clong Song” (#dadjokes), and after the whole ordeal is done, scrape the grill clean with the cleaning edge. $30
Seize-sur-Vingt-THDR-Lime-Rock-Park-ALMS-Gear-Patrol Seize sur Vingt THDR Lime Rock Park ALMS
Our two biggest complaints about other drivers are (a) that they drive too slowly on the left and (b) they’re never dressed well enough. Seize sur Vingt’s new well-tailored driving shirt, replete with gear holsters, changes (half of) that. A loop to hold sunglasses rests above the regular chest pocket, and a smartphone pocket is located on the lower left, completed by a button flap to keep everything in place. On the right shoulder, an ALMS embroidery logo pays homage to the series and to Lime Rock Park — and it’s in orange just like another LRP special edition we’re fond of. $180
A-to-Z-Prints-Gear-Patrol A to Z Prints
How many times have you tried to remember which letters come before and after J and found yourself running through most of the alphabet to be sure? That’s just us, you say? Yeah, well regardless, who couldn’t stand to brush up their ABCs a little? Still just us? Fine. Looks like you’ll have to appreciate these prints from an art-, design- and pop culture-lover’s perspective rather than a first grader’s. The image for each letter (and number, 1-9) is stylized to look like a trading card. $60
Topo-Athletic-Shoes-Gear-Patrol Topo Athletic Shoes
Tony Post was the CEO of Vibram USA and is the man responsible for bringing Five Fingers to the US. Now he’s launched Topo Athletic (not to be confused with another GP favorite, Topo Designs). Channeling Japanese Tabi shoes, Topo shoes are minimalist with a separate compartment for your big toe (our Ninja Turtle costumes are nearly complete…) and have zero drop; heat welding during construction keeps weight down significantly. They’ve launched with a road runner, trail runner and a gym shoe. $100+
Acoustic-Electric-Pegasus-Guitar-Gear-Patrol Jon Kammerer Acoustic-Electric Pegasus Guitar
This is what happens when engineering meets music: an acoustic guitar with two slits, each 1.5 feet long, that supplant the central hole you see on “normal” axes. This setup reduces the amount of acoustical vibrations the strings and body soak up from speakers, which in turn reduces feedback. They also happen to look pretty wicked, like the gills of a Merman who rides a Harley Davidson seahorse. Kammerer will customize your instrument with different wood types, hardware and finishes; pickups and a case are included. $2,000+ ()
Poler-Camp-Vibe-Shorts-Gear-Patrol Poler Camp Vibe Shorts
Poler’s new take on the traditional hiking short is made from a quick(ish) drying fabric that looks like cotton, but can stretch with whatever shenanigans you’re up to. Mesh interior pockets and grommets on the “cargo” pockets let water drain out quickly after a river crossing or impromptu rope swing dunk. $70